Our Web Site

Our group's web site is hosted by a service called OurGroupOnline.  This service allows us to maintain membership and advancement information on a secure server, along with our calendar and financial records.

A few pages of our site are available to the general public, but most of the site is only available after you log on.

Logging On To Our Site

In order to view the private portions of our web site, you'll need to log on with your User ID and Password.

Click on the Log On link in the upper right corner of the page to reveal the Log On box, as shown here.

Fill in the fields with your User ID and Password and then click the Log On button.

If you click on the Remember me at this computer checkbox you won't have to logon again the next time you come to our site.

If you click on Forgot User ID or Password? the system will prompt you for your e-mail address and send you an e-mail with your login information.

My Stuff

Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the page to see the main menu.

Click on "My Stuff" to open up the "My Stuff" menu, as shown at right.

Everyone has access to the My Stuff menu. This allows you to view and update information about you.

This menu includes:

My Contact Information. Update your contact information.

Change My Password. When you first receive your account, you should change your password to maintain its confidentiality.

My Account. View your account balance and the underlying transactions.

My Family. Parents can view their family's contact information, advancement status, and account balance.

Sign Up For Events. Register for banquets and other events.

...and much more!


The first option on the Events menu is the Calendar.

The Calendar allows you to view all scheduled events, including:

If you click on an event, the system will display all of the details of that event.  This can include a map to the event location and a list of planned activities.

Other Capabilities

Group leaders have access to other functions that help them manage the group.

To learn more about the capabilities of our site, go to www.OurGroupOnline.com.

There is also a comprehensive On-Line User Guide if you want to learn even more of the details.

Please visit our site on a regular basis to stay up to date with what's happening with our group.